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Chronicle of the Neumühle

When it comes to take a historical view on the Neumühle, it is important to mention the castle Falkenstein, given the fact that the Neumühle as we can see it nowadays has been built with the help of components of the former castle Falkenstein.

Taking this into consideration, a chronicle on our house has to begin in 1300 when the earls of Lupfen were in the possesion of the castle Falkenstein and the yard Umnau which nowadays does not exist anymore and where the Neumühle may possibly have been built on. In 1622, the House of Fürstenberg acquired the possession of the castle Falkenstein.


In 1717, lord Froben Ferdinand zu Fürstenberg-Meßkirch (1664-1741) had a mill built, for the construction of which – as already mentioned above - dropout material of the semi-decayed castle Falkenstein has been made use of.

The first tenant of the Neumühle that we know about is miller Karl Walter running it nearly 25 years until his death in 1741. The following 150 years were marked by many different tenants, until in 1889, Anton Riester moved into the Neumühle after it had no longer been used as a mill.

In 1919, Major Stengele acquired the Neumühle for the sum of 18.000 German Mark. Since then it is run as a restaurant being in family possession.


In 1930, the Neumühle was linked with the Danube Valley route connecting Beuron and Laiz by the constuction of a wooden bridge which has been replaced in 1977 by a more massive one.

Jakob Stengele from Gutenstein taking the Neumühle into his possession in 1918 converted it into a restaurant.
In 1945, his daughter Veronika (1917-1999) married Erich Sessler (1912-1997).

In the beginning 50’s, the couple Sessler accomplished the construction of a terrace and a hall in which there were dancing events.


Subsequently, this building was upgraded by a swimming pool which was breaken down when their son Jakob Sessler (* 1946) and his wife Ulrika (* 1956) undertook the business. At the same place, they had a new construction built comprising eleven spacious double rooms.


In 2010, when their son Wolfgang Sessler (* 1984) who completed a formation as a cook in the Hotel-Restaurant Bareiss in Baiersbronn as well as a degree in hospitality management, was devolved with the responsibility of the business, he tried to live up to the expectations of the guest rooms as to the restaurant and the kitchen equipment.


The new restaurant with its hand-crafted tile stove creates a cosy atmosphere and along with the superb kitchen and the unbeatably idyllic landscape our house is embedded in make us believe in a bright future.