Cultural sites

Discovering the cultural treasures of our region, you will encounter various castles, ruins and monasteries.



Far away from any kind of industry or major road, our well signed hiking paths will lead you to idyllic meadows and to mountain tops with scenic views. When you decide to follow the cycling path which passes by our house, you will encounter various castles, ruins and monasteries. 


The following links will provide you with possible hiking itineraries.


Passing by the Danube cycling path from Donaueschingen to Passau, we offer you the ideal conditions to pursue extensive cycling tours. In one of our neighbour villages you have the opportunity of renting a bike.


He who likes to exlore the Danube Valley in a more adventurous way may rent canoes in our neighbour village.

Water parks and hot springs

Our region offers a variety of water parks and hot springs to cater to the needs of the young and old.

Water parks

Hot springs

Open air pools


Other nice sites worth visiting can be found in the following.